Generic LAMP

A Generic LAMP stack should work with most PHP/MySQL web applications. You may need to do some customizing, but this should get you started.

Configure Tugboat

The Tugboat configuration is managed by a YAML file at .tugboat/config.yml in the git repository. Here’s a basic LAMP configuration you can use as a starting point, with comments to explain what’s going on:

  # What to call the service hosting the site.
    # Use PHP 7.1 with Apache
    image: tugboatqa/php:apache

    # Set this as the default service. This does a few things
    #   1. Clones the git repository into the service container
    #   2. Exposes port 80 to the Tugboat HTTP proxy
    #   3. Routes requests to the preview URL to this service
    default: true

    # A set of commands to run while building this service
      # Commands that set up the basic preview infrastructure
        # Link the document root to the expected path. This example links
        # /htdocs to the docroot
        - ln -snf "${TUGBOAT_ROOT}/htdocs" "${DOCROOT}"

  # What to call the service hosting MySQL. This name also acts as the
  # hostname to access the service by from the php service.
    # Use the latest available version of MySQL by not specifying a
    # version
    image: tugboatqa/mysql:5-debian

    # A set of commands to run while building this service
      # Commands that import files, databases, or other assets. When an
      # existing preview is refreshed, the build workflow starts here,
      # skipping the init step, because the results of that step will
      # already be present.
        # Copy a database dump from an external server. The public
        # SSH key found in the Tugboat Repository configuration must be
        # copied to the external server in order to use scp.
        - scp /tmp/database.sql.gz
        - zcat /tmp/database.sql.gz | mysql tugboat
        - rm /tmp/database.sql.gz

Want to know more about something mentioned in the comments of this config file? Check out these topics:

Start Building Previews!

Once this Tugboat configuration file is committed to your git repository, you can start building previews!