Set the Document Root Path

Tugboat does not try to guess where your document root lives in your repository. Likewise, it does not try to guess where a web server image expects to serve the default document root from. This means you are responsible for making this link in your configuration file

Each web server image expects the document root to be in a different location. This is a side effect of using the Official Docker Images. The images provided by Tugboat store this document root location in an environment variable named $DOCROOT for convenience.

Use this configuration to link the document root to a directory named /docroot in your git repository. This works for the following images provided by Tugboat: tugboatqa/httpd, tugboatqa/nginx, tugboatqa/php:apache

    image: tugboatqa/httpd
        - ln -snf "${TUGBOAT_ROOT}/docroot" "${DOCROOT}"