Define a Default Service

Every Config file requires a default Service. The default Service is where HTTP requests are routed when a Preview’s URL is visited by a user.

If your Config file only has one Service, that Service automatically becomes the default Service.

If your Config file contains multiple Services, you must designate one of them as the default. Specify a default Service by adding a default key to the Service, with a value of true.

    image: tugboatqa/httpd:2.4
    default: true
    image: tugboatqa/mysql:5.6

Setting a Service as the default - including when the Service is automatically designated default because it’s the only Service - also implies that port 80 is exposed to the Tugboat Proxy, and that the git repository is cloned to /var/lib/tugboat. To override the Service HTTP port, see: Expose a Service HTTP port. To override the git repository clone destination, see: Clone Git repositories into your Services.