Tugboat Community Images

In addition to our officially maintained Tugboat Docker images, these unofficial Docker images created by community Tugboat users may be useful when building your Tugboat Previews.

Image Purpose Usage Documentation
Drupal Module or Theme image: q0rban/tugboat-drupal:[TAG] README

These are unofficial images that we do not maintain, so Tugboat’s Support service does not cover these images. To request changes or updates to the images, or information and documentation on how to use them, please contact the image maintainers.

Share a Community Image

If you’ve created a custom Docker image for your Tugboat config that you’d like to share, please open a pull request on our TugboatQA/docs GitHub repository, or reach out to us via our regular support channels.

We request that you provide a README or other documentation detailing the purpose of your image, as well as any important usage details, such as a corresponding Tugboat config.yml or available tags.