Compatible Technologies

Does Tugboat work with…?

Tugboat supports pretty much anything that runs on Linux. Look through our prebuilt service images to see what we currently have available. If something that you need is missing, let us know, and we will work with you to get it added to the list.

People frequently ask about whether Tugboat works with these technologies:

Does Tugboat have a Slack integration?

Tugboat does not currently have a direct Slack integration. However, you can get very similar functionality if you’re using a git integration with Slack:

With one of these integrations configured, use Tugboat’s Repository Settings for git provider integrations to share details about your Tugboat Previews, such as:

  • Set Pull Request Status
  • Set Pull Request Deployment Status
  • Post Preview Links in Pull Request Comments

When using these settings, Tugboat’s updates to your git repository can be carried through your git Slack integration into your relevant Slack channels.